Prescription Ordering Department

Prescription Ordering Department (POD)


How does the POD work?

All future Prescription requests will now go through our Prescription Ordering Department (POD).  The facility can be accessed by ringing 0121 468 0459 or through the Practice main number – option 1.

When you call the number your prescription request is processed by a team of prescription call handlers. They will check that items being requested have not been stopped by the GP, and that the dates and quantities are valid. They will highlight any medication review dates, review any notes that may have been left by the GP, and confirm the nominated pharmacy with the patient.


What will POD process?

The POD will process repeat, acute and past prescription requests. It will also process online requests.


Will the POD accept urgent requests?

Patients should remember that all requests could still take up to 48 hours and the facility is unable to guarantee same-day prescriptions.


Can the pharmacy still order for patients?

Your pharmacy should begin to advise you that you need to order through the POD ordering line (01214680459).  However, Pharmacies will continue to order on behalf of vulnerable patients only if they are designated as such by their GP, such as those patients who are on blister packs.


What about appliance companies?

Appliance and nutrition company requests will also be processed by POD.  You should not notice any changes in the service.


What are the POD opening hours?

Our service will operate Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm, excluding bank holidays. Access can also be made directly on the POD number without going through the Practice’s routine number.


How does the call-back facility work?

During the call you will prompted after two minutes if you would like a call back instead of waiting on the line. The caller is asked to select option 1 if they would like this service. You will then be asked to enter your full number (including the area code, e.g. 0121 / 01527 etc).

Once the number has been entered, the system will either accept or decline the request (it usually only declines if the number has been entered incorrectly, in which case the caller can then enter the number again). If accepted there will be a message to say the call back has been entered you can hang up. You will not lose your place in the queue if you select the call back.

If the call goes to voicemail when the POD attempts to call back, we will always leave a message advising that we have tried to call back. If for a second time the line is engaged the call centre will then discard the call.

If the call back number just rings out, it will again go to the ‘scheduled’ queue and after 5 minutes the POD will attempt to call the number again. If also for a second time the line rings out the call centre will discard the call. The call centre will only attempt the number twice.